What is Experience / Spaces?

JLL’s solution to quickly and cost effectively transform traditional office spaces into sought-after work destinations by rapidly realizing space design through expedited delivery.

How does Experience / Spaces work?

There are three simple engagement levels that include: Design Visualization, Design Specification, and Design Documentation. Together, these steps get clients to a complete set of Construction Documents in just six weeks. Six weeks indicates the time JLL requires to deliver. It does not account for clients’ internal approval/decision processes.

How is it so fast?

Experience / Spaces leverages pre-designed building blocks that come together to create holistic environments; combined with our in-house design technology platform. This combination significantly expedites the process compared to a bespoke design.

What level of design should I expect?

Each concept has been thoughtfully and expertly designed in partnership with industry-leading architects and internal JLL global expertise. Steeped in research and human-centered design, these concepts are hospitality-grade spaces that solve how hybrid workers want and need to work.

Can I customize my design?

Yes, specific aspects of each layout, fit, and finish can be tailored within a range of set parameters. This way, each space can be unique while still maintaining the benefits of speed and reduced cost.

What else does Experience / Spaces include?

Beyond solving for the time and cost of a traditional design process, other key aspects that add speed and efficiency to the overall design and construction process include:

  • Pre-selected furniture, fixtures, and equipment options with preferred JLL Synergy pricing and shorter lead times
  • A complete technology package solution that integrates with existing platforms
  • Elevated service/activation guides to bring the spaces to life
How will I know how much the concepts will cost to build-out?
Each Design Visualization packet includes a Rough Order of Magnitude pricing guide for building each concept by market. Because high cost, high impact items like furniture and lighting have been pre-solutioned and choices are limited to those that maintain pre-determined pricing and timelines, costs have been verified upfront to minimize surprises during build.
What concepts can I choose from?

There are three distinct concepts that each lean into specific workplace goals:

  • Flourish supports all aspects of an employees’ wellness.
  • Elevate supports the workforces’ need to socialize and culture-build.
  • Create facilitates enhanced collaboration and co-creation.

Each concept provides all the essential workspaces and components of a highly productive workplace.

Can I mix and match concepts?

Not at this time. Each concept comes together to form holistic, experiential environments for employees to work, socialize and collaborate. The intent of each space is best realized when each concept is adopted and built out in full.

Do I have to go through all three levels of the design process?

There is no commitment to go through all three levels. Clients can proceed through individual levels at their discretion and timing, based on their organization’s needs.

Is Experience / Spaces meant to help me redesign my entire building, campus, or portfolio?

No. This is the opportunity for clients to test and learn on smaller square footage quickly and affordably during a time of great uncertainly. Experience / Spaces tackles one floor at a time (approx. 20K-35K rentable square footage), so companies can test and learn in partnership with their workforce to inform their greater real estate strategy.

What if I already have a local architect or design team on-site?

Your local architect or in-house design team will still significantly benefit from the Design Visualization and Design Specification packets that together deliver approximately 80% of the traditional design process. Local teams can quickly take the detailed Revit files and design guidelines to complete construction documents specific to each location.

What if I don’t have a local architect or design team on-site?

We have you covered. Partnering with JLL’s in-house architectural firm, Big Red Rooster, our Design Visualization and Design Specification packets can be quickly converted into Construction Documents in five weeks at a set, upfront cost. (Construction Administration and permitting will vary by market.)

What if I’m already engaged with JLL PDS (Project & Development Services)?
That streamlines the process even further. JLL PDS will interface with all internal JLL Team to deliver the design concepts and coordinate all the details needed to execute the construction phase.
Are the spaces WELL Certified?

Our concepts will enable the WELL certification process though conscious material selection and planning principles. While our product alone cannot guarantee certification, JLL has in-house expertise to ensure you can meet your individual goals throughout the process.

Will this space be able to contribute to my organization’s sustainability goals/initiatives?

Yes! While our product will not provide the necessary documentation to gain LEED or other certifications, we have been thoughtful about appropriate finishes, placement of spaces, mechanical systems, and water/energy management to ensure minimum standards for encouraging sustainability practices.